Dr. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Consulting Scientist

Maria-Skyllas-Kazacos-2014 Dr. Maria is Professor Emeritus is the inventor of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) technology now commercialized in China, Japan, Europe, Korea and North America. Dr. Maria is currently pioneering Generation 2 VRFB and Vanadium Oxygen Redox Fuel Cell technology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Read More... 
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Terry Perles, Vanadium marketing and sales

terry-perles-2014Mr. Terry Perles, one of the world's most highly regarded Vanadium authorities resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. More then  30 years of experience in the metals industry in roles including engineering, construction management, sales, marketing and senior management. Former VP Global Sales, Stratcor/EVRAZ. Through TTP Squared Inc. and MoTiV Metals LLC now handles global sales and marketing for the leading producers of Vanadium, Molybdenum & Titanium worldwide. Read More...


Dr. G. Y. Champagne, Electrochemical Engineer- VRFB specialist

Dr. Champangne 133Dr. Champagne has over 25 years' experience driving innovations to market and has held several positions in mature and early-stage companies in Canada, the US and Europe, structuring organizations, directing technical activities and managing teams that develop and build energy storage products and analytical equipment. Dr. Champagne's previous position was VP Engineering and Development at Imergy Power Systems Inc. in Silicon Valley, which was developing a unique high efficiency, stationary energy storage battery using innovative vanadium "V/V" flow battery technology. Under his leadership, Imergy delivered its first commercial shipment of vanadium based ESP units to India Telecom customers.

Denis Bouchard

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAekAAAAJGY1YTJlYzMyLWJjYjAtNDEzNi04ZDYwLWM2ZjlkZmUzMTQxNA 2Mr. Bouchard currently works for Beauce Atlas, located in Sainte-Marie de Beauce, Quebec, which specializes in the fabrication and installation of structural steel in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Beauce Atlas has operated for over 35 years establishing its name in the mining and industrial sectors. Mr. Bouchard has both provincial and federal government contacts, as well as various financial institutions, pension funds, and para-governmental organizations. Mr. Bouchard has had a personal and serious interest in the Vanadium Deposit in Lac Dore stemming back to 1997 as a strategic initial investor in the project.


Mark Reynolds, Battery materials and financial strategist

Mark Reynolds copy

Public company financier, management consultant and entrepreneur. He operated and managed a long-distance road transport division for a mining logistic company in Western Australia and worked with management to develop a copper project in Butte, Montana; Mark subsequently worked as a stockbroker in Vancouver, Canada focussed on the financing of mining, exploration and technology companies. He worked to identify promising companies at formation, helping them grow: among these was Vanteck VRFB (“VRFB”), acquirer of the chemical patent for the first generation of Vanadium electrolyte. Mark worked with the team that listed and financed VRFB, doing early stage development with Sumitomo and Anglo American to install the first North American Vanadium Redox Flow Battery at Moab in Utah.

Robert Collette, Advisory Board Member, Diplomat

Robert-ColletteMr. Collette's distinguished 37 year career with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and other federal public service sectors culminated with his most recent appointment to the Swiss Federal Council with concurrent accreditation to the Principality of Liechtenstein in 2005. Mr. Collettes's role with VanadiumCorp is facilitating political relations for benefit of project development.


Ron Molnar, Solvent-extraction specialist

Ron Molnar

Dr. Ron Molnar has 35 years experience in hydrometallurgical bench and pilot plant testing.  He is a solvent-extraction specialist.  Dr. Molnar is a life member and fellow of CIM.  He has designed, built and operated over 60 pilot plant circuits extracting a wise range of metallic elements.  Dr. Molnar is an author and a consultant within the field of solvent extraction and ion exchange process testing and development.

James A. MacLeod, Explorationist

JimmyMr. MacLeod is President, J.A. MacLeod Exploration and EnviroCree Ltd. is highly regarded throughout Canada as a mining exploration technologist. He is a pioneer in mineral exploration and environmental impact and early in his career recognized the link and crucial managment philosophy between mining and environment. Founder of the Mistissini Geological Resources Centre, Jim works closely with Aboriginal communities as a consultant on projects and training in mining exploration. Jim is key advisor to VanadiumCorp facilitating local relations and collaboration for project development. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Cree Mineral Exploration Board, and Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association.


Peter Maclean, Financial advisor and consultant


Peter Maclean plays a significant role in resource sector has raised more than $100M in equity for mining companies in the last ten years. As a economist by trade (BA Acadia 1971, MA University of New Brunswick 1980), Peter has been a director of 6 junior resource companies. He is currently a director of Movarie Capital, a Capital Pool Company listed on the TSE Venture exchange. Mr. Maclean's current role with VanadiumCorp is to secure significant financial partnerships for project development.


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