Vanadium in its pure form is a soft, grey, ductile element primarily derived from mined iron ore and steel slag. A small amount of vanadium (typically 0.04 – 4% in steel composition) forms carbides in steel and promotes fine grain size, a process which imparts hardness, wear resistance, seismic resistance and increased strength to the steel.

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Vanadium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any alloy

It is the most commonly used alloy for strengthening steels and is used primarily in the construction, infrastructure and transportation industries. Its anti-corrosive properties also make it ideal for use in industrial applications like chemical and power generation plants as well as in oil refineries. Also when alloyed with titanium and aluminum, small amounts of Vanadium help form very strong, lightweight engineering materials which are ideal for use in the aerospace and aviation industries.

Published prices for vanadium pentoxide are based on fused flake V2O5 with a purity of 98% minimum. Impurities are not a large concern.

Fused flake V2O5 (Vanadium Pentoxide)

Fused flake V2O5

Currently, more than 90% of the vanadium consumed is used by the steel industry.

Typical vanadium microalloyed steel contains 0.05% vanadium. In these applications, the rate of vanadium to steel is typically very low, and as a result the impurities present in the vanadium are of no concern. The vanadium industry is structured to produce this commodity grade vanadium pentoxide in the most efficient manner possible.

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