Contributing toward development of the new low-carbon world through development of materials and innovative technologies

VanadiumCorp ‘s objective is to become a producer of energy storage material and specialty materials through a low carbon footprint process. Energy storage is emerging as the “next oil” in developing the new sustainable future and green process technology has the potential to replace pyrometallurgical processing of steel and vanadium that remains a material source of carbon emissions. Our business continues to undertake activities related to the monitoring, measuring and managing of our energy and emissions footprint. We take energy and carbon regulation into consideration as part of our business planning and investment decision processes. Our business proactively works to understand and manage our footprint, and continues to invest in solutions to use energy more efficiently and reduce low carbon footprint process development and associated services.

Focusing on material assets

The majority of GHG emissions in the mining industry originate from smelters, refineries or coal mines. VanadiumCorp-Electrochem technology has the potential to change that. Our licensing and global deployment of joint technology mandate targets cash flow and replacement of older, polluting recovery methods employed by the steel, vanadium and oil industries.

Innovation and Research

In addition to the work we are doing to reduce GHG emissions, we continue to support low-emission technology projects and GHG-related studies, including:

  • Development and deployment of green process technology to address industry need for cleaner practices
  • Development of mineral resources with emphasis of vanadium battery electrolyte
  • Supporting green mining initiatives
  • Supporting clean energy initiatives such as carbon free EV fast charging
  • Direct partnership with global VRFB companies to foster commercialization and address energy storage challenges
  • Research initiative partnerships with Canadian Government to address supply, standardization and other industry challenges for vanadium batteries
  • Cost reduction initiatives for vanadium batteries

Climate change policy

VanadiumCorp monitors the evolution of climate change policy at the international and national level. While we anticipate that some countries will move faster in establishing their climate change regulatory frameworks, we expect others may find it difficult to achieve their targets without significant financial and technical support. We work with policy makers directly and government associations on issues related to clean energy and process technology.

Public engagement

VanadiumCorp is a member of a number of industry organizations at a national and international level, which provide valuable input into public policy development. These include:

  • Vanitec
  • Vanitec Energy Storage Committee
  • Energy Storage Canada

Carbon disclosure to stakeholders

Continued participation in public policy developments on climate change

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