We are committed to building and maintaining community relationships with local stakeholders. We promote our projects with a focus on implementing 100% sustainability and decreasing adverse social or environmental impacts wherever possible.

Creating value

Our business activities make a significant contribution to the communities we operate in as well as decreasing our environmental footprint. The most significant derive from employment and process.

Our aim is to minimise dependency on our operations, and promote healthy, and sustainable communities through our social impact by hiring local qualified workers who live and support their community.

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Green Ambassador Youth Program

A vanadiumCorp led initiative to empower and educate youth about the importance of lowering carbon footprint and the role that renewable energy and energy storage systems can play for the new world.

Canadian scholarship programs in the provinces of British Columbia and Quebec are pending announcements.

Human rights

Our general approach is aligned with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. It is outlined in our corporate governance policy and overseen by our Corporate Sustainability Manager and Board of directors.

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