A solution for a cleaner environment. Recovery and transformation of 100% reusable battery material from (vanadium bearing fly ash) waste from the Canadian oil sands using new technology.


Vanadiumcorp is developing two breakthrough process technologies through partnerships with government and two NGO companies.

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Partnership and first right of refusal with EnSciTech:

The objective of this partnership is to collaborate and explore the joint business opportunity of low cost near term production of Vanadium Electrolyte. The primary focus will look at the following components:
1) VE process technology development (pilot scale to full production)
2) Commercialization of efficient and environmentally friendly mineral extraction

Enscitech Ltd. is located in Alberta, Canada is working on clean initiatives within the oil sands industry. Development is focused on converting waste from the oil sands into battery materials for leading storage technologies. The process recovers secondary high purity vanadium from oil sands helping Canada to meet energy storage and renewable energy targets for North America. EnSciTEch is currently planning development of their vanadium electrolyte pilot plant, which would facilitate Alberta’s climate change commitment by reducing wastes from the oil sands industry and transforming them into battery materials.Energy, Science & Technology Corp (EnSciTech) was established in 2014 as a group of technical experts providing support for Research, Development and Demonstration in energy mix industry. EnSciTech is a PhD hub and a science partner to generate value and sustainable development for business and society by knowledge sharing through out the innovation chain. EnSciTech is a Canadian based technology developer targeting near term, low cost battery materials production from a secondary vanadium source. Exclusive Alberta heavy oil production waste ash contains battery materials such as vanadium that represent clean energy solutions. Enscitech technology can supply a range of quality vanadium electrolyte, extracted and produced at lower cost. EnSciTech presents a unique opportunity in integrating secondary source to the VE market in Canada and the US to meet energy storage and renewable energy targets.

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Partnership with Electrochem Technolgies and Materials Inc. allows collaboration on a number of key strategic initiatives including:

  • The development for the production of vanadium-rich pregnant leach solution "PLS" (VE precursor) and other specialty high purity vanadium materials.
  • The development and commercialization of efficient and environmentally friendly metallurgical and electrochemical processing technologies including the simultaneous removal of contaminant metals and the concurrent regeneration of chemicals.

ELECTROCHEM TECHNOLOGIES & MATERIALS INC. is a research and development company that invents, develops, patents, scales-up and commercialize proprietary metallurgical and electrochemical technologies that are innovative, and sustainable. Electrochem targets the mining, metallurgical and chemical industries, with a particular focus on the production of niobium, tantalum, tungsten, and the recycling of rare earths, specializing in remediation, reclamation and treatment of tailings, spent acids, leach liquor, end-of-life products, metallurgical effluents, and finally, industrial waste. Electrochem also manufactures industrial mixed metal oxides (MMO) anodes to meet the needs of its Canadian customers and support its own electrochemical technologies at its customers' sites worldwide and since 2016 started the small scale processing of tantalum and tungsten by-products and concentrates for the preparation of tantalum and tungsten chemicals. More information can be found at http://www.electrochem-technologies.com/ 



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