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PacificOre dissidents remind board to file AGM notice

The concerned shareholders of PacificOre Mining Corp. wish to remind the current board and management of various regulatory requirements. While the board has taken some liberties in its regulatory reporting, with the most obvious examples of failing to file the proxy materials from the last annual general meeting it called on SEDAR or failing to put out a news release for the appointment of new executive officers, concerned shareholders wish to ensure this does not occur with respect to setting the date for PacficOre's AGM.
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PacificOre dissidents complain about admin expenses

In keeping with the trend since 2005 when administration costs exceeded exploration costs by a staggering $10-million, the most recent financial statements filed by PacificOre Mining Corp. for the six-month period ending April 30, 2013, show exploration expenditures of $181,171, while administrative expenses were $542,138. While the current board will undoubtedly blame such lack of concern for shareholder interests on prior management, the current board has yet to formally state it will reverse this trend.
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