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Board of Directors

Adriaan Bakker, President & Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur in mining since 2003, Adriaan spearheaded the acquisition and development of the Company’s vanadium assets and built a world class technical and management team. Adriaan’s expertise includes raising capital, marketing, M&A and corporate finance. After the acquisition and development of the Company’s key vanadium projects in 2007 and 2008,  Adriaan chose to address significant  industry challenges that resulted in the partnership, invention and development of an innovative green process technology with Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc.. Key aspects of this disruptive technology align with Adriaan’s vision to establish a direct recovery method for both primary and secondary sources of vanadium, as well as eliminating the cost and carbon footprint of vanadium for sustainable energy storage and high tech “smart” applications.

Stephen Pearce, Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Secretary

Stephen Pearce has 28 years experience in mining and law. His current focus is on corporate and securities work and past experience includes mine management and operations. He received his law degree from the University of British Columbia and an Honours Bachelors Degree in economics from York University with an emphasis on corporate finance. Stephen was instrumental in his role in transitioning the Company by proxy in 2013. Stephen is passionate about corporate responsibility, sustainability and innovation which which he integrates into every aspect of his work. He is active in his community and serves as President of WRAGS Western Regional Advocacy Group Society, a non-profit organization which works in partnership with Sleep Country Canada to provide free mattresses to those in our community most in need.

Sokhie Puar, Director

Mr. Puar has over 30 years in the public markets, and has worked in various capacities with companies in the mining, oil and gas, technology, education and clean energy sectors since 2001. Most recently, Mr. Puar held positions of CEO, President, Director and Chairman of Candelaria Mining Corp. raising over $28 million and leading acquisition of several mining projects in Mexico. Mr. Puar holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a diploma in Business Administration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Mr. Puar sits and has sat on boards of many public and private companies including the board of Governors of Southpointe Academy, an independent school located in Tsawwassen, B.C., where he Chaired the Governance Committee.

John Hewlett, Director, Business Development

John Hewlett has strategically invested in the resource market for the past 30 years.  He is well renowned for his practical approach on direct investment and project development. His experience includes development of mining projects in British Columbia and the Yukon, investment and corporate advisory for several Canadian and US public companies, the shareholder led takeover of VanadiumCorp by proxy as well as real estate for the last 20 years in British Columbia, Canada. His network of contacts covers a wide array of retail and strategic contacts from the mining industry and accredited investment community. 

Advisory Board & Technical Team

Dr. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Professor Emeritus, VRFB Advisor

Dr. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos is a chemical engineer whose invention of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) in the late 1980s may revolutionize how we store energy. The VRFB is a unique type of flow battery that can repeatedly absorb and release massive amounts of electricity which is ideal for renewable energy. Over the last thirty years, Dr. Skyllas-Kazacos remains focused on improving the technology and finding commercial applications in various markets to reduce the cost and make the VRFB a feasible solution to our energy storage challenges. She is Professor Emeritus for the University of New South Wales in Australia where she received her PhD in 1978. As a distinguished academic, Dr. Skyllas-Kazacos has won numerous awards for her research including the R.K. Murphy Medal from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute in 2000 and the Order of Australia in 1999. Read More…

Click here for University of New South Whales, Australia profile…

Terry Perles, Vanadium Marketing and Sales

Terry Perles has more than 30 years of experience in the metals industry in roles that include engineering, construction management, sales, marketing and senior management. After joining US Steel Corp. in 1980 serving assignments at the company’s steel mills in Homestead and Clairton, PA., he joined vanadium producer Stratcor in 1988. During his 20 year tenure with Stratcor, he held positions in sales, marketing and senior management. By 2008, the Evraz Group had acquired controlling interest in Stratcor and Mr. Perles joined the Evraz trading division, East Metals S.A. of Lugano, Switzerland. He directed sales and marketing for the corporation’s global vanadium business. Mr. Perles holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He served as a member of the International Titanium Association board of directors from 2005 to 2009. He has been a member of the Vanadium International Technical Committee (VANITEC) since 2004.

Mark Reynolds, Battery Materials & Financial Strategist

Mark Reynolds is a public company financier, management consultant and entrepreneur. Mark has worked with several companies in Australia, Canada and the USA including Vanteck VRFB, where he acquired the chemical patent for the first generation of Vanadium electrolyte. Mark worked with the team that listed and financed VRB during development with Sumitomo and Anglo American to install the first North American Vanadium Redox Flow Battery at Moab in Utah. Mark is a passionate student of the role of energy storage in the modernization of power grids and realization of renewables, and is a co-founder and VP of Ultra Power Systems. Mark Reynolds graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration in Perth, Western Australia

James (Jim) A. McLeod, Explorationist & Cree First Nations Advisor

Mr. MacLeod is President, J.A. MacLeod Exploration and EnviroCree Ltd. is highly regarded throughout Canada as a mining exploration technologist. He is a pioneer in mineral exploration and environmental impact and early in his career recognized the link and crucial managment philosophy between mining and environment. Founder of the Mistissini Geological Resources Centre, Jim works closely with Aboriginal communities as a consultant on projects and training in mining exploration. Jim is key advisor to VanadiumCorp facilitating local relations and collaboration for project development. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Cree Mineral Exploration Board, and Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association.

Dr. G. Y. Champagne, Electrochemical/VRFB Engineer 

Dr. Champagne has over 25 years’ experience driving innovations to market and has held several positions in mature and early-stage companies in Canada, the US and Europe, structuring organizations, directing technical activities and managing teams that develop and build energy storage products and analytical equipment. Dr. Champagne’s previous position was VP Engineering and Development at Imergy Power Systems Inc. in Silicon Valley, which was developing a unique high efficiency, stationary energy storage battery using innovative vanadium “V/V” flow battery technology. Under his leadership, Imergy delivered its first commercial shipment of vanadium based ESP units to India Telecom customers.

Denis Bouchard, Manager, Strategic Project Development

Mr. Bouchard is the leading strategic project developer and advisor for VanadiumCorp’s “VRB” TSX-V Quebec operations in Quebec Canada.  He has operated for over 25 years in the structural steel industry as well as the the mining and industrial sectors. Before his new role with VRB, Mr. Bouchard was previously with Beauce Atlas, located in Sainte-Marie de Beauce, Quebec, which specializes in the fabrication and installation of structural steel in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.  Mr. Bouchard has significant provincial and federal government contacts, as well as various financial institutions, pension funds, and para-governmental organizations. Mr. Bouchard’s interest in vanadium and vanadium batteries stems back to 1997 when he first became a strategic investor in the Lac Dore Vanadium Project that the Company now owns 100%.

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