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Company Vision & Strategy

VanadiumCorp has developed a new technology to produce reusable vanadium electrolyte directly and sustainably from virtually any source for perpetual use in vanadium batteries.  Jointly developed with Electrochem Technologies and Materials Inc. “VEPT” eliminates the carbon footprint and high cost associated with global vanadium supply. VanadiumCorp also holds a strategic vanadium-titanium-iron bearing resource base in mining friendly Quebec, Canada.


Implementing green process technologies to unlock critical metal supply is critical to our sustainable future. With VEPT, there is now a more efficient, green process alternative for the vanadium, iron, titanium and energy storage industries that addresses high cost and carbon bottlenecks and positioned to provide new supply at less cost for sustainable solutions critical for energy storage, infrastructure and transportion and many other applications in the future.

We are committed to creating long-term relationships with the communities in which we operate as well as with our stakeholders, creating shared value for them and us, and operating with a focus on human rights. Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to operate ethically and transparently and implemented throughout the company and reflected in our governance and policies.


VanadiumCorp aims to become a leading supplier and leasor of vanadium electrolyte for the emerging and sustainable vanadium based energy storage market. VanadiumCorp-Electrochem’s new process technology is 100% green and is highly efficient. The current semi-pilot plant for VEPT with 1/3 tonne/month nameplate capacity is located at Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc. in Boucherville, Quebec. Trial production using this custom built VEPT reactor/digestor is recovering vanadium, iron and titanium directly from global vanadium bearing maganetite “VTM”, hematite, slags and calcine feedstocks. The Company’s green technology and resource development operates in the friendly jurisdiction of Quebec, Canada.

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