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Our Company
VanadiumCorp is an integrated technology and mining company
focused on developing an exclusive clean energy storage supply chain
with XRG® vanadium redox flow battery technology,
jointly owned process technology and its wholly-owned
and strategic vanadium resource base in mining-friendly Quebec, Canada.

Our Vision
Making the world a better place with vanadium.

Our Mission
To develop our exceptional vanadium resources and technology
to reduce the cost and carbon footprint of energy storage.

Our Values
We are committed to creating long-term relationships with the communities
in which we operate as well as with our stakeholders, creating shared value for
them and us, and operating with a focus on human rights.
Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to operate ethically,
transparently, and is implemented throughout the company, and is reflected
in our governance and policies.

100% Clean Energy Supply Chain


  • Primary vanadium hosted in massive magnetite in Quebec,
    Canada for the long term.
  • Vision to build an all-electric magnetite mine with local
    transformation of V, To and Fe.


  • Eco-friendly alternative
    to recover vanadium
    with all by-products. 
  • Vertical integration goal to reduce the cost & carbon
    footprint of vanadium batteries.


  • Next-generation technology
    with the advantage of integrated &
    reusable vanadium supply.
  • Current commercialization objective with a major
    European company.

Adriaan Bakker
Chief Executive Officer

A Green Future with VanadiumCorp

“To facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to green energy, VanadiumCorp has developed an integrated supply chain as a key solution. This is made possible by combining strategic vanadium battery supply and green process technology to enable the indefinite use of vanadium in energy storage. We can all agree there is no downside in building a better world for future generations and those less fortunate than ourselves. The future is electric, and with VanadiumCorp it can be 100% green with vanadium-based energy storage technology powered by its own supply chain.”

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