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While various industries are competitively focused on cost reduction of energy storage, VanadiumCorp focused on both cost reduction and carbon footprint removal of a fundamental energy storage component and commodity commonly referred to as vanadium electrolyte.

An electric car for example is only as clean as the energy it uses. The average carbon footprint of steel, vanadium or titanium for example is close to two tonnes of carbon per one tonne of product.

VanadiumCorp-Electrochem Process Technology “VEPT” directly recovers vanadium with a negligible carbon footprint as free byproduct of iron and titanium recovery from many sources.

Vanadium batteries are comprised of up to 80% vanadium electrolyte and the remaining stack (pumps, membrane and electrodes can be 100% recycled)

VanadiumCorp Electrolyte created with VEPT and utilized in  VRFB batteries creates sustainable energy storage. 




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