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Punching Above its Weight: Life Cycle Energy Accounting and Environmental Assessment of Vanadium Microalloying in Reinforcement Bar Steel

By Pranav Pradeep Kumar, David A. Santos, Erick J. Braham, Diane G. Sellers, Sarbajit Banerjee and Manish K. Dixit for ChemRxiv

Bibliography on the Geology and Resources of Vanadium to 1968

By R. P. Fischer and Jane P. Ohl for Geological Survey Bulletin 1316

Processes, Microstructure and Properties of Vanadium Microalloyed Steels

By Robert J Glodowski for Vanadium Microalloyed Steels

The Role of Vanadium in Microalloyed Steels

By Rune Lagneborg, Bevis Hutchinson, Tadeusz Siwecki, Stanislaw Zajac for Dedicated to the Memory of Michael Korchynsky, KIMAB-2014-115

Structure-properties Relationship of Ultra-fine Grained V-microalloyed Dual Phase Steels

By C.P. Scott (1), F. Fazeli (1), B. Shalchi Amirkhiz (1), I. Pushkareva (1), S.Y.P. Allain (2) for Materials Science and Engineering: A, vol. 703, 2017, pp. 293-303

Vanadium Microalloying for Ultra-high Strength steel Sheet Treated by Hot-dip Metallising

By B. Hutchinson (1), D. Martin1, O. Karlsson (1), F. Lindberg1, H. Thoors (1), R. K.W. Marceau (2) and A. S. Taylor (2) for Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 497-506 (Published online: 04 Oct 2016.)

Multistage utilization process for the gradient-recovery of V, Fe, and Ti from vanadium-bearing converter slag

By Juny iXiang, Qingyun Huang, Xuewei Lv, Chenguang Bai for ScienceDirect

An Updated Prediction Model for Vanadium Precipitation Strengthening of Ferritic Steels

By Robert J Glodowski for Vanadium Microalloyed Steels
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