Australian Vanadium Ltd positions itself to offer multiple battery solutions

13:48 24 Aug 2017

Gabanintha is one of the highest-grade vanadium projects being advanced globally.

Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX:AVL) continues to advance its vertically integrated strategy of resource to end user.

The company is focused on its Gabanintha project in Western Australia, which is currently one of the highest-grade vanadium projects being advanced globally.

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Through its wholly-owned subsidiary VSUN Energy Pty Ltd, the company can offer multiple vanadium flow battery (VRB) sizes, which builds marketing scale for residential energy solutions.

The base model VRB system being considered is a 5kW/15kWh unit, which supplies 5kW of power with 15kWh of energy storage, providing 3 hours at a constant load of 5kW.

In typical Australian residential environments, this system will provide 4-8 hours of energy.

Other models available include 5kW/25kWh, 5kW-30kWh and 5kW-45kWh systems for small scale commercial and telecoms operations.

The company can offer products from GILDEMEISTER, along with other manufacturers.

VSUN Energy reports findings

VSUN Energy has reported to the company its findings relating to the strategic analysis of the residential storage market and VSUN Energy’s potential within it.

The analysis reviewed competitors in the residential energy storage marketplace and found that the VRB has significant points of difference from other forms of residential energy storage such as lead-acid and lithium-ion systems, for example;

– Being more suitable to provide true load shifting by having more hours of storage available;
– Allowing deeper and more frequent cycling;
– Exhibiting a naturally longer lifetime with no performance degradation; and
– Being a safer, non-flammable, non-explosive solution..

Importance of vertical integration

The evolution of the vanadium flow battery creates demand for Australian Vanadium’s resource at Gabanintha, and as the battery demand grows, so will the importance of this resource, and potential funding development options for the project to get material to market.