Energy Storage Firm Wins EPA Award for its Battery

MUKILTEO — UniEnergy Technologies will receive an Environmental Protection Agency Green Chemistry Challenge Award for the company’s advanced vanadium redox flow battery.

UniEnergy and other award winners will be honored on June 12 at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

UniEnergy Technologies has successfully commercialized an advanced vanadium redox flow battery, which was originally developed at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The battery, when used by utility, commercial and industrial customers, allows cities and businesses more access to stored energy.

It also lasts longer and works in a broad temperature range with one-fifth the footprint of previous flow battery technologies, according to the company.

The electrolyte is water-based and does not degrade and the batteries are non-flammable and recyclable, according to UniEnergy. That helps meet the demand of electrical energy storage in the electrical power market.

During the 22 years of the Green Chemistry Challenge program, the EPA has received more than 1,600 nominations and presented awards to 114 technologies that spur economic growth, reduce costs and decrease waste.