George Clooney Promotes Swiss Industry

By Daniel Hug for NZZamSonntag

INNOVATION: The American Superstar George Clooney visits the workshops of Belenos Clean Power Holding AG to support the group’s ambitions in the automotive industry

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An ex-miss Switzerland? A former Olympic alpine champion? A former president or former president of the Confederation? No, better. Much better! Indeed, large firms in the Swiss industry benefit from the support of George Clooney as ambassador. In 11 years, with his legendary “what else?”, The American superstar has introduced the Nespresso brand throughout the world. For the last ten years, he has served as ambassador for the Omega watch brand. And today he promotes the ambitions of Swatch Group in the automotive industry. Former pediatrician Doug Ross, a fifteen-year-old hero in the Urgences series, came to support the employees of Belenos Clean Power Holding AG in their workshops in Ittingen (Basel-Landschaft) last month.

“George Clooney is not only a director of Belenos Clean Power Holding AG. He also motivates our employees by its presence and brings a lot of creative contributions” said Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, quoted in the Zurich weekly NZZ am Sonntag.

George Clooney shares 15% of the share capital of Belenos Clean Power Holding AG with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Amman Group Holding AG, Deutsche Bank AG and St. Gallen Josef Ackermann, formerly No. 2 of Credit Suisse Holding. And this whole arena of investors has good reason to believe in the prospects offered by this subsidiary of the world leader in watchmaking.

Belenos Clean Power Holding AG is currently completing battery projects which already convinced last year the great Chinese car manufacturer Geely. These mega batteries have the competitive merit of not depending on the usual and very expensive raw material: lithium. It is manufactured with vanadium-pentoxide, available in large quantities. In terms of battery life, power and charging rate, the performance of Belenos Clean Power Holding AG’s batteries would be at least 30% higher than those of its best known competitors.

A joint venture between Geely and Belenos Clean Power Holding AG is expected to secure such a promising vehicle certification by June in China. Production would begin next year. Nick Hayek plans to control 15% of the world market share within three years, with production of 17 million electric vehicles in 2020. (24 hours)

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