RedT Completes Gen 1 Energy Storage Market Seeding Phase

Energy storage technology company RedT has completed its Gen 1 market seeding phase, proving its 40kWh and 240kWh machines in the field.

The seeding phase consisted of placing Gen 1 machines in “key designated markets” in the UK, Europe and Africa.

To date it has dispatched over 2MWh of storage for use in a wide variety of applications including alongside solar and wind in both grid-connected and off-grid situations.

This initial phase has allowed the company to improve its Gen 2 products through a number of design enhancements for manufacture, a reduction in the number of material components and an associated reduction in raw material and assembly costs.

It has also enabled RedT to prove its patented stack and system IP technology as a low-cost contract manufactured commodity product, and to prove the integration and commissioning process with customers.

The company has successfully integrated its small system with an industry standard low voltage power control system (PCS), and for the large system with a low-cost, reliable medium voltage PCS.

RedT has now moved its focus onto the delivery and roll-out of its Gen 2 machines.

RedT chief executive Scott McGregor said: “RedT is the first vanadium flow machine company to prove its technology in large commodity manufactured 240kWh energy storage machines, and this is crucial to the mass adoption of industrial scale energy storage.

“After 12 years of research and development, we have successfully brought a new technology to market and it is a great accomplishment to have taken a product from early prototype stage through to a full manufactured, commercial product, which is ready for widespread adoption.”

Earlier this year RedT announced it is to develop a hybrid energy storage system capable of offering the full range of storage applications through a three-year knowledge transfer partnership with Newcastle University.

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