SCHMID supplies energy storage for smart grid

In the Smart Grid Technology Lab, researchers of the TU Dortmund are developing and testing components for smart grids. To this end, they have created an infrastructure that is to be expected in a future low-voltage grid. In addition to electric vehicles, PV systems, and a controllable local power transformer, these are also efficient energy storage. Soon a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery from SCHMID will be integrated into the test network. The EverFlow® Storage Container is to be used in the Smart Grid Technology Lab of the TU Dortmund, both in grid-parallel and in stand-alone mode.

The researchers have decided to purchase a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery since smart grids differ significantly in terms of power and capacity requirements. It is, therefore, advantageous that the capacity of this type of battery can be scaled independently of the power. A higher capacity simply requires the installation of larger tanks with more electrolytes, i.e. more storage medium. This medium consists of a water-based solution containing vanadium. For this reason, the storage is neither flammable nor explosive and can be installed everywhere without any problems. For more power, additional stacks (power converter units) are installed that convert the current and store it in the electrolyte.

The German manufacturer SCHMID is considered as a pioneer of Vanadium Redox Flow Technology and offers turnkey systems in several versions. TheEverFlow® Storage Container for the Smart Grid Technology Lab has 30 kW of power and a capacity of 100 kWh.

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