Solar storage team eye green peaker plants

Canadian company CellCube is teaming up with Hive Energy and Immersa to jointly build and develop grid-scale solar and energy storage projects in the UK.

The consortium, known as HICC Energy, aims to offer green peaking and reserve power capacity to the market.

HICC will be a special vehicle for projects funded through third party financing or from grants offered for renewable schemes.

Products and services will be purchased from the partner companies and any additional terms will be determined on a per project basis.

The partners said they have identified combined long duration storage with solar to be the most competitive and commercially attractive solution under current UK regulation.

Hive Energy will build solar plants at its own grid connected sites, while Immersa will deploy CellCube’s Vanadium redox flow batteries.

The companies are currently developing the first site for going live later this year and are open to evaluate additional sites.

Hive Energy managing director Hugh Brennan said: “We are delighted to see long duration storage becoming available at competitive costs. This allows us to offer a reliable renewable energy supply to the market.”

Immersa chief executive and director Robert Miles said: “Predictable power generation not only offer services at an attractive price to the balancing market but can also enter the short term operating reserve or STOR market which allows access to sources of extra power.

“The goal is to replace conventional generation with green peaker plants thereby reducing CO2 emissions significantly.”

CellCube subsidiary Enerox chief operating officer Alexander Schoenfeldt said: “With our new power overrating capabilities, we can operate our system in a highly flexible way and at more than four charging and discharging cycles per day.

“In combination with the general advantage of full In combination with the general advantage of full state of charge or SOC level usage, which means the system does not lose its charge over time so there is no system overbuild needed and no risk of affecting warranties or degrading the capacity.”

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