Will Vanadium Push Lithium Aside as Better Choice for Increasing Demand of Redox Batteries

Vanadium has been on a run as one of the more valuable metals as evidence of its potency and utility in the energy efficient battery market becomes increasingly more obvious as well as growing demand due to a number of factors currently existing in the global economic climate. What used to be one of the world’s least known metals now holds great importance and likely to become more so as renewable energies catch up with and possibly eclipse fossil fuels. One of the key trends is the rising demand for vanadium redox batteries, which are viewed as a replacement to lithium-ion batteries and require no maintenance for up to 25 years. With technological advances in cell phones and smart cars, the demand for energy efficient and reliable fuel sources is quickly rising. Leaders in the vanadium market are taking advantage of the current conditions, through acquisitions and cornering new markets.

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