Australian Vanadium sells vanadium redox flow battery to a dairy farm in Victoria

By Tharun George, CFA for Proactive Investors Australia
The company’s goal is to grow the demand for redox flow battery to ensure that the market for vanadium isn’t purely driven by steel.

Australian Vanadium Ltd (ASX:AVL) has secured an order for a vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) energy storage system from a dairy farm in Meredith, Victoria.

In collaboration with renewable systems provider Profit Share Power Pty Ltd, AVL’s subsidiary VSUN Energy will install a 450kW solar system with an 80kW power, 320kWh energy storage VRFB at the dairy farm.

The system will provide a minimum of four hours of renewable energy storage with its current configuration and will allow the client to increase their onsite renewable generation and consumption, far in excess of what would be capable with a solar array alone.

Meredith Dairy’s goal is to have a sustainable operation with full power being supplied via onsite renewable generation.

Having a battery capable of supplying many hours of power with high cycling capability was crucial in the decision-making process when selecting the energy storage technology.

In addition to its dairy farming activities, the farm grows wheat, barley and other grains for the farm’s dairy animals.

Sustainability is a key area of focus and strength for the dairy, with farming techniques and energy procurement being part of this strategy.

The dairy is connected to the Powercor Distribution Network, with Tango as their retailer and has been paying a premium rate to secure renewable energy.

AVL managing director Vincent Algar said: “Further to our recent announcement regarding the installation of a VRFB at an orchard in Pakenham, Victoria, this dairy farming project once again confirms the strength of VRFBs for the agricultural sector.

“Delivering reliable power generated from renewable sources in a long-life and non-flammable battery provides increased energy security.

Sustainable operation with reduced overheads

“We are delighted that Meredith Dairy has decided to pursue a battery storage product that will allow them to develop their sustainable operation and reduce overheads at the same time.

“Being able to secure reliable power with a fixed energy price through the installation of solar and a VRFB system gives the business economic security for years to come.

“AVL’s goal through VSUN Energy is to grow the demand for VRFB to ensure that the market for vanadium isn’t purely driven by steel.

“Having two markets to supply means that there is a floor to the price, reducing the commodity’s volatility.”

The VRFB solution for this project is being supplied by battery manufacturer Avalon Battery.

The VRFB’s strengths are its longevity, lack of degradation in performance over time and many thousands of cycles, non-flammability, 100% depth of discharge and the ability to re-use the vanadium electrolyte at the end of the battery’s life.

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