Gildemeister Wins Tender For Flow Storage System

Gildemeister energy storage GmbH has won a tender for electrochemical flow storage systems with top marks in quality and price.

Terna SpA, Europe’s largest transmission grid operator, tendered a pilot project aimed at making it easier to integrate the growing proportion of renewable energy into grid management. Terna SpA is integrating storage systems to evaluate their potential to improve grid stability.

A number of manufacturers of redox flow batteries were considered during the evaluation process, and three of them reached the pre-qualification phase. After a tendering process that lasted one and a half years, the consortium consisting of Gildemeister energy storage GmbH and its partner Green Utility from Rome won first place and was tasked with supplying two large CellCubes.

Gildemeister’s offer achieved the highest number of points in the price and quality categories. The two CellCubes used in the project are based on vanadium redox flow technology and have a rated output of 400 kW and a capacity of 1,120 kWh. Vanadium redox flow technology enables Gildemeister’s CellCube to quickly deliver clean, emission-free energy at all times. It ensures a dependable, constant energy supply, even when renewable sources are used.

The use of vanadium salts increases the reliability and service life of the battery. They are non-flammable, non-explosive and not subject to loss of reactive material. This provides practically unlimited cyclisation with up to 80% efficiency and a deep-discharge capability of 100%.

The system is scheduled to be put into operation in July 2016, and final approval is expected for September this year.

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