Growth of Renewable Energy Continues amidst Political Climate

S&P Global Market Intelligence 

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As the UN begins to focus its attention on Climate Week, S&P Global Market Intelligence found that despite the current US Administration’s plans to rescind the Clean Power Plan and withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, various state legislation, innovations in technology and market design continue to drive deployments of solarwind, and storage projects in the United States for the foreseeable future.

Findings show that US states enacted 59 key energy-related legislations through 2017 including policies on nuclear energy, energy storage, coal and more. S&P Global Market Intelligence recently expanded its renewables coverage within its energy offering, which dives into the complexities of all 50 state legislatures and their impact on driving renewable energy investment and subsequent job growth. The expanded focus also provides an in-depth view of how federal, state and local policies are helping to drive renewable energy adoption forward leveraging its proprietary Regulatory Research Associates content.

Nick Kapur, Senior Director of Energy at S&P Global Market Intelligence said, “Our coverage has shown that states are taking a proactive approach in reaching Renewables Portfolio Standards, despite the shift in focus from policy makers at the federal level. While the trend towards clean, distributed, and mobile energy resources is well underway and recognized, industry stakeholders are still grappling with how to restructure their business models, redesign their regulatory processes, and establish new infrastructure requirements needed to power the grid of the future.”

Mr. Kapur added, “Tracking and assessing the implications of technologies like solar and storage is critical to our clients’ workflow, which is why we expanded our coverage to better serve renewables-focused customers with comprehensive, high-quality research, data, and news that their businesses depend on.”

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s suite of coverage on the energy sector includes thousands of solar and wind power plants, detailed renewable energy company coverage, tracking of state regulatory commissions, legislative activity and deep proprietary news with recent headlines that include:

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