Innovus Variable Speed Generators Prove Key to Addressing Northern Climate Change and Energy Crisis

Innovus Power

PETERBOROUGH, ON, Nov. 21 2017 /CNW/ – Technology developed by Innovus Power can slash greenhouse-gas emissions and diesel consumption in Canada’s Arctic Communities, according to researchers at the University of Waterloo. Their study found that combining Innovus’ Variable Speed Generator with renewable energy sources can reduce emissions by between 60% and 89%, and fuel consumption by 53% to 83%.

The results are from a study of Variable Speed Generators for Canadian Arctic Communities by the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE), a world leader in clean energy research. The study used simulations of six remote northern communities to determine what mix of technologies best address the challenges of climate change and dependency on diesel fuel. Specifically, the study sought the optimal economic solution using a mix of renewable energy, variable speed generators with Innovus’ PowerBridge, synchronous generators, and batteries.

The study’s author, Claudio Cañizares, states “I strongly believe that Innovus technologies should be seriously considered for deployment in northern communities, since these would facilitate the reliable greening up of existing diesel-based electrical grids at significant savings with respect to other current options.”

The WISE study is the third in a series focused on clean energy solutions for northern remote communities.  It concludes that when Innovus’ VSG technology is paired with high penetration renewables (such as wind or solar) communities can achieve the lowest levelized cost of energy and realize significantly greater emissions and fuel savings.

Since 2002 Innovus Power has delivered intelligent converter-based VSG solutions, porting experience and lessons learned in the marine industry to become the technology leader in prime power variable speed generation.

Innovus provides industry-leading efficiency, range and transient performance for generator assets, and brings resiliency, stability and dispatchability to grids with high-penetration renewables.

At the core of Innovus’ platform is its proprietary embedded software control system, which can be used on a wide range of fuel, engine and energy technologies — including batteries. Innovus’ platform provides the lowest-cost dispatchable energy generation platform for a wide range of markets and applications.

Innovus offers turnkey containerized solutions, VSG skidded packages, as well as VSG technology packages for existing generator assets.

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