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Nano Flowcell Quantino covers 218,000 miles on flow batteries

By Eric C. Evarts - originally published 15 April 2019 for Green Car Reports

Flow Batteries Could be a Game Changer for Electric Cars

By Sarah Moore -originally published September 11, 2019 for AZO Cleantech

Vanadium: the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy

By Helen Abigail Baxter, Helena I. Gomes (originally published May 12, 2016) for The Conversation -

Flow Batteries: Energy Storage Option for a Variety of Uses

By Ralitsa Peycheva for Power

Squeezing More Solar Energy From Solar Panels, With Ground Albedo

By Tina Casey for Clean Technica

South Korean Government Allows Flow Battery to Be Used for ESS

By Jaepil Choi, for ET News

This Could be Our Best Tool to Make Renewable Energy Cheaper

By Roberto Molar Candanosa for News at NorthEastern

Russian Scientists Created Revolutionary Key Nanoelements for Neurocomputers

By Christina Kitova for Communal News

The long read: Go big, go with the flow

By David Gillam for PV Magazine

At a crossroads: The connected future of EVs, solar, energy storage and software

By Wes Doane and Lior Handelsman for Utility Dive

Korean flow battery company signs JV agreement for 200MWh US factory

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

U.S. Utilities Rush To Procure Energy Storage Capacity

By Tsvetana Paraskova for Oil Price

Everyone’s Favorite Climate Solution Has a Fire Problem

By David R Baker and Mark Chediak for Yahoo Finance

Mining and Metals Forecast 2020: Industry Trends

By Baker McKenzie for Lexology

Redox flow batteries for renewable energy storage

By Jens Noak, Nataliya Roznyatovskaya, Chris Menictas, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos AM for Energy Storage News

CEC excludes Lithium-ion from grant funding in ‘Expression of no-confidence’, says expert

China’s hydro giant tests the limits of PV integration

By Jeremy Chunn for Ecogeneration

Okaya Partners With IIT Delhi for “VRFB” Battery Research

By Ayush Verma for Saurenergy

California has big clean energy ambitions, and is looking for better energy storage to realize them

By Kavya Balaraman for Utility Dive

Gates, Bezos bet on flow battery technology, a potential rival to big bets on lithium-ion

By Tom Connor for CNBC

What a Year! 10 Stories That Propelled Energy Storage in 2019

By Julian Spector  for Greentech Media

Flow Batteries And 3 Other Game-Changing Technologies For Storing Renewable Energy

By Johnny Wood for Forbes

Flow batteries: leaders starting to live up to promise, says Navigant

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Shining a light on VRFB for energy storage applications

By Chantelle Kotze for Mining Review

Trudeau government investigating how Canadian mining industry can provide rare-earth minerals critical to new economy

By The Canadian Press for The Star Phoenix

The three key technologies Bill Gates says could help the entire planet – #2 Flow battery: The better battery

By Tristan Rayner (originally published Dec 2015) for Techly

Perth Vanadium Battery Supplier – VSUN Energy – Sells Units to Two Agribusinesses in Victoria

By BN Announcements for Business News Western Australia

Agility in Managing the Grid: The Case for Batteries

By Kurt Baes, Florence Carlot, Aurelien Guichard for T&D World

Report Shows Massive Growth in U.K. Energy Storage Projects

[Korean Startups] Start-up takes stab at lithium-ion industry

By Suyoung Jo for Korean Investors

Lockheed Martin locked onto 2020 flow battery launch

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Huge Battery Investments Drop Energy-Storage Costs Faster Than Expected, Threatening Natural Gas

By Jeff McMahon for Forbes

Hybrid battery systems: The best of both worlds

By Published: Wed 18 Sep 2019 for Engerati

Australian Vanadium sells vanadium redox flow battery to a dairy farm in Victoria

By Tharun George, CFA for Proactive Investors Australia

Mining companies edge towards renewable energy options

Batteries going with the flow

Battery Energy Storage: Are All the Bugs Out?

By David Shadle for T&D World

Build a Better Battery for Wind and Solar Storage, and the Energy Sector will Beat a Path to your Door

By Benedict O’Donnell for PV Magazine Australia

Long read: Flow batteries scale up to GW production

By Benedict O’Donnell for PV Magazine Australia

One Battery Material Sector Is Cheering For Lower Prices

By David Stringer for BNN Bloomberg

Adding vanadium to lithium-ion batteries makes it possible to charge them “in a matter of minutes”

By Edsel Cook for NewsTarget

How Inexpensive Must Energy Storage Be for Utilities to Switch to 100 Percent Renewables?

By Prachi Patel for Spectrum IEEE

Australian government sees potential in vanadium

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud for Mining.Com

Vanadium is essential for renewables in a circular economy

By Mikhail Nikomarov for Business Live

Victoria apple farmer taps vanadium flow battery to better harvest the sun

By Sophie Vorrath for One Step off the Grid

Energy’s Future – Battery and Storage Technologies

By James Conca for Forbes

‘Lithium’s not the only game in town’: Energy storage hopefuls eye breakthrough

By Garrett Hering - article posted 9 August 2019 for S&P Global

UK’s blackout first-responders included 475MW of batteries

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Vanadium Is The World’s Most Important Metal

By Nadia Zaidi for UPS Battery Center

How do batteries store energy?

By Jonathan Fulcher for Lexology

Professor says continuously rechargeable batteries are on the way

By Fuseworks Media for Voxy

Australia’s biggest behind-the-meter energy storage officially launched

By Marija Maisch for PV Magazine Australia

Investors warm to integrated solar/storage package

By Henry Edwardes Evans for S&P Global

UK power outage highlights need for grid-scale Li-ion and Vanadium batteries

The vanadium redox flow battery – A game changer for energy storage safety

By Nicholas Nhede for Smart Energy

Southern Company launches new Energy Storage Research Center

By Michelle Froese for Windpower Engineering

A flow battery ‘competitive with the LG Chems and Samsungs of this world’

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Solar-charged vanadium flow machine pre-qualifies for UK’s frequency response market

By Liam Stoker for Energy Storage News

New battery tech revives vanadium interest

By Shane Lasley for Mining News North

Are lower vanadium prices triggering a wave of giant new VRFB developments?

By Reuben Adams for Stockhead

How energy storage technologies are set to transform the energy landscape

By Uma Rajarathnam for Energy World

RedT Energy gets planning approval for UK Superhub Project

By Francesca Morgan for VOX Markets

Throughput vs. Revenues: Making the most from battery storage

By Robyn Lucas for Current News

‘Magic applications’ and commercial realities: flow battery industry meets this week in France

Prospects for Long-Life Batteries in Waterway Transportation

By Harry Valentine for Maritime Executive

Electricity storage could be the next technology that changes life on earth

By Tom Rose for DallasNews

Governor gives behind-the-meter storage a US$55m boost on New York’s Long Island

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Utility-Scale Energy Storage Will Enable a Renewable Grid

By Andrea Thompson for Scientific American

The Influence of Storage

By Gene Wolf for T&D World

Wind And Solar Power Set To Dominate Power Mix By 2050, As Coal Continues To Decline

By Mike Scott for Forbes

Batteries included: How Australia is charging up for a revolution

By Ewen Hosie for Australian Mining

UTSA develops systems to construct power islands and live off the grid

By Milady Nazir for UTSA

For environment and Nevada economy, Amodei should embrace clean energy, says UNR professor

By John Scire for Reno Gazette Journal

Innovative vanadium electrolyte rental product for industrial use

By Guest Contributor for Mining Review Africa

Bushveld Minerals unveils innovative vanadium electrolyte rental venture

By Jamie Ashcroft for Proactive Investors

Kingdom Mugadza of Tirisano Partners in Battery Storage Development

By Accesswire for RMC Media

An affordable way to store clean energy

By Iris Kumpmann for Phys Org

Finkel backs unheralded Aussie battery tech companies to go global

By Luke Housego for Financial Review

Graphite and the renewable revolution

Storage + Storage Renewable Energy Projects: A Canadian Opportunity?

By Kimberly J Howard, Zachary Masoud, Lynn Parsons, Christopher Zawadzki for mccarthy tetrault

Is Vanadium the “Valyrian Steel” of the Energy Transition?

By Clare Church for IISD

An Unexpected Current That’s Remaking American Politics

By Michael Grunwald for Politico Magazine

EES AWARD 2019 winners with path-breaking storage solutions

Lithium Australia Weighs Options Vanadium Resource

By Michael McCrae for Kitco

How can the battery sector hedge against volatile vanadium prices?

By Reuben Adams for Stockhead

Germany’s SCHMID plans Saudi energy storage JV with GW-scale production

By Ivan Shumkov for Renewables Now

CellCube and Pangea Energy Have Signed LOI for 50MW/200MWh in Australia

BlackRock Metals has a customer for its titanium

Clean Energy Storage Demand is Surging 1,445%!

By Ian Dyer for Banyan Hill

California Flips Switch on First Grid-Connected Flow Battery

By Rob Nikolewski for The San Diego Union Tribune

Bushveld Minerals: A large-scale battery storage contender

By Chantelle Kotze for Mining Review Africa

Vanadium: A Key Driver in Energy Storage

By Richard Spencer for The Assay

California ISO Adds Vanadium Redox Flow Battery to the Grid

Products Chemours partners UET to boost flow batteries in marketplace

By Tom Kenning for Energy Storage

Solar storage team eye green peaker plants

Vanadium disulphide stabilised for faster charging batteries

How energy-deprived areas benefit from vanadium redox batteries

By Valentina Ruiz Leotaud for

Bright Ideas Will Usher in the Clean Energy Future

By John Friedman for Sustainable Brands

Steel Industry to Adopt the Largest Application of Ferrovanadium

Hawaii utilities seek more renewables, storage and now grid services too

By Christian Roselund for PV Magazine

US energy CEOs see future power system that includes renewables, gas and storage

By Jared Anderson for S&P Global

New AC-DC Mobile Microgrid Holds Promise of More Efficient Power Distribution

By Andrew Burger for Microgrid Knowledge

T&D Asset Operators Look to Critical Energy Storage

By Ian McClenny for T&D World

A Bus-Sized Robot Will Soon Be Mining the Ocean Floor

By Marc Prosser for Singularity Hub

Gate-controlled VO2 phase transition for high-performance smart windows

By Shi Chen, Zhaowu Wang, Hui Ren, Yuliang Chen, Wensheng Yan, Chengming Wang, Bowen Li, Jun Jiang and Chongwen Zou for ScienceAdvances

Rock Science: Vanadium and Its Minerals

By Steve Voynick for Rock&Gem

‘World first’ grid-scale lithium-vanadium hybrid project will be in the UK

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage

Feature: Power shift

By Wilson Da Silva for CosmosMagazine

Bushveld Minerals to supply Vametco mine with power from vanadium battery mini-grid

By Dr. Doug Stewart for Chemicool

Vanadium Element Facts

By Dr. Doug Stewart for Chemicool

Fully inkjet-printed vanadium dioxide-based radio-frequency switches for flexible reconfigurable components

By King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for PhysOrg

Purdue scientists test flow battery for EVs, claim 300-mile range

By Eric C. Evarts for

Vanadium-powered batteries waiting to rescue Eskom

By Mikhail Nikomarov for Business Live

Facts About Vanadium

By Traci Pedersen for LiveScience

CellCube signs deal for 100-MW energy storage project in US

By Plant Staff for PLANT

How three battery types work in grid-scale energy storage systems

Vanadium dioxide is going to Revolutionize the Electronics for Aerospace and Neuromorphic Computing

Interdisciplinary collaboration yields hardest, thinnest coatings yet discovered

By Christine Fennessey Lehigh University for PHYS ORG

Russian Scientists Develop Unique Material for Next-Generation Nuclear Reactors

CellCube Partnership With Immersa Paves the Way For 80MWH Energy Storage Deployment

By Glenda Kelly CellCube for PR Newswire

NY startup aims to take on Tesla’s Powerwall

By Ken Schachter for Phys Org

Why investing in energy storage is business critical

By Rich McEachran for Raconteur

Novel Battery Undergoing Tests at AERTC

By Julian Spector  for Greentechmedia

A New Path to Market for Flow Batteries: Rent an Electrolyte

By Julian Spector  for Greentechmedia

In the Long Haul, Vanadium Will Prove Durable

By Simon Wolfe for Geopolitical Monitor

Vanadium’s day

By Sarah Treleaven for CIM Magazine

Future Battery Industry Strategy

By Government of Western Australia

Vanadium: A Key Driver in Energy Storage

By Richard Spencer for The Assay

WA in box-seat to play pivotal role in energy revolution as Australian Vanadium forges ahead with state’s next vanadium mine

By Lorna Nicholas for Small Caps

Monash Uni charges ahead with Australia’s biggest behind-the-meter battery system

By Sophie Vorrath for One Step Off The Grid

Long time coming: Part 2

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage

Long time coming: Part 1

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage

It’s a Lithium-ion World, but Vanadium Batteries Are Catching Up

By Priscila Barrera for Investing News

Vanadium could have its ‘Elon Musk’ moment as it powers 25pc of ‘stationary’ batteries

By Reuben Adams for Stockhead

Lithium leader S Korea funds 4MWh vanadium trial that targets doubled energy density

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. Completes Multi-Year Agreement for Supply of Ferrovanadium

Is Vanadium the Energy Storage Solution of the Future? — Part 1

RedT’s vanadium flow energy storage to be deployed on grand scale in Germany

Protean Energy signs agreement with Korean research body to advance Daejon vanadium project

The Storage Power & Applications of Vanadium Flow Batteries: StorEn Technologies Webinar Recap

UofC advances large-scale energy storage tech with CellCube vanadium redox flow battery delivery

redT signs exclusive deal for 700MWh of German grid projects

redT Signs €50m Project Agreement

Vanadium is the latest beneficiary of the battery craze

Bushveld says can deliver battery energy to Eskom “in months”

Leclanché, Ice Energy and VRB Energy in fresh partnerships and funding deals

VRB Energy signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Argus Global Metals Services Complimentary news compendium: Featured ferrous headlines

Richmond Vanadium Project a ‘globally significant’ find

By Derek Barry for North West Star

The five renewable energy predictions for 2018

Renewable energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020, according to a new report

We’re doing a great job of creating renewable energy—but we don’t have the infrastructure to actually use it

Demand for large-scale electricity storage a catalyst for vanadium market interest

BlackRock aurait trouvé son financement

The Northern Miner

Vanadium ‘metal to watch’ in 2018

PG&E expands deal for energy storage

Pu Neng Press Release -December 4 2017

Pu Neng appoints technology and management consulting veteran John Wang as Chief Executive Officer

Conventional Flow

What is a flow battery?

SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES and CMI Energy become partners for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Storage

Bushveld Energy, IDC, Eskom to test first vanadium redox flow battery

National Grid and PNNL explore a modern, battery-enhanced grid

Flood of announcements from flow battery makers

Financial Buzz

Stina Enters Vanadium Battery Collaboration with PNNL and University of Calgary

Expert guide: Why vanadium may be the next lithium or cobalt

Jacobi Medical Center holds one-year demonstration of shipping container sized battery

MIT Report Nov 15 2015 – Global Developments of Solar & Wind energy

UK’s largest flow battery system connected to grid

By Tom Grimwood for Network

National Grid, PNNL to collaborate on transmission, energy storage

GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: FeV, V2O5 prices recover with demand; upstream tightens

By Charlotte Radford, Anna Xu, Chris Kavanagh for Fastmarkets

The Inconvenient Truth About Renewables and Storage Lurking in Lazard’s Latest Cost Analysis

By Jason Deign for GreenTechMedia

Chinese government’s strategic push for energy storage to yield large flow battery projects

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage

China sets tone for future vanadium-flow battery development

By HENRY LAZENBY for Mining Weekly

Pu Neng Wins Contract for the Largest Vanadium Flow Battery in China as the China National Development and Reform Commission Initiates a Major Push for Energy Storage in Support of Renewable Energy

By Jim Stover for @newsfile

Waste from paper industry supplies raw material for development of redox flow batteries

By Dr. Carsten Siering for Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Singapore to trial grid-scale battery energy storage

Vanadium emerges from the shadows

By Ben Creagh for HotCopper

It’s Big and Long-Lived, and It Won’t Catch Fire: The Vanadium Redox-⁠Flow Battery

By Z. Gary Yang for IEEE Spectrum

Younicos Brings Redox-Flow Battery To Singapore

China Central Government Energy Storage Policy Encourages Use of Large Vanadium Flow Batteries

By A. Lee Barker for Sparton

SA weighs market opportunities as utility-scale battery storage prospects improve

By MIA BREYTENBACH for Power and Electricity World

Vionx, National Grid, and US Department of Energy Complete Installation of one of the World’s Most Advanced Flow Batteries at Holy Name High School, Worcester, MA

By Colin Mahoney for Business Wire

Battery storage proponents despondent about future under National Energy Guarantee

By Babs McHugh for ABC

Oyler: Flannery brothers made impact on Chartiers Valley region


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., at Holy Name, marks unveiling of new battery system

By Alex Polinsky for WM Worcester Magazine

Berkwood Resources buys Roscoe vanadium property in Quebec

By Giles Gwinnett for ProActive Investors

Monash Uni begins solar + battery storage microgrid, on road to 100% renewables

By Sophie Vorrath for One step off the grid

Irish redox flow energy storage demonstrator project underway

By John Parnell for Energy Storage

Significant titanium and vanadium values add market intrigue

Anthony Milewski: Nickel Demand to Greatly Increase as Battery Technology Advances

Blue Sky Expands Mineralized Zone at Amarillo Grande Project, Argentina

China Sends One of the West’s Most Critical Materials Soaring

Bushveld Energy, IDC studies indicate favourable vanadium battery, electrolyte demand

Discover the United States’ and regional vanadium redox battery (VRB) market that will grow at a CAGR of xx.x% by 2022

Mapochs mine to go under hammer for sale to highest bidder

Australian Vanadium moves into detailed metallurgical testing at Gabanintha

‘Flow machine’ maker redT supplies vanadium-lithium hybrid energy storage system in Australia

Serendipity smiles on Largo’s Maracás Menchen record output as vanadium price rockets 249% y/y

By Henry Lazenby for MIning Weekly

Manufacturing Bits

By Mark Lapedus for Semiengineering

George Glasier: Rising Vanadium Prices Could Increase Uranium Production

By Collin Kettell for

Can Chinese Firms Dominate The Emerging Global Battery Market?

By Merlin Linehan for Frontera

Energy storage — The need for reliable software modeling tools

By Karen Graham for Digital Journal

Rebar Rules to Boost Chinese Vanadium Demand by 30 Percent

By Melissa Shaw for INN

Carnegie Clean Energy doubles loss but might finally be backing a winner

By Rachel Williamson for Stockhead

First grid-scale Li-ion system in Czech Republic to be built by Alfen

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Opinion: Benefits of solar farming

By Adam Joseph for Townsville Bulletin

Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017

Progress achieved towards mass producing carbon nanotube sheets

By Erica Solomon for Nanowerk

EPB energizes giant battery as part of national research effort

By Alina Hunter-Grah for Nooga Today

New Battery Holds Promise for Substation Supplementation, Substitution

By Dave Flessner for Chattagnooga Times

Battery technology demand takes the lead and industry must follow suit

By Charles Bond for

Will Glencore’s electric dream become a metals market reality?

By David McKay for MiningMx

redT sells 14 energy storage units in Botswana

By Plamena Tisheva for Renewables Now

China Rattles Vanadium Supply Chain: How High Can Vanadium Prices Go?

By John Lee for Kitco

Stina Resources Announces C$2.5 Million Private Placement

By Brian Stecyk for Market Screener

Cornerstone Metals Signs Definitive Agreement on Carlin Vanadium Project Acquisition; Announces C$770,000 Private Placement

By Mr. Paul Cowley for Junior Mining Network

Flow Battery Market by Type (Redox, and Hybrid), Material (Vanadium, Zinc–Bromine), Storage (Compact and Large scale), Application (Utilities, Commercial & Industrial, Military, EV Charging Station), and Geography – Global Forecast to 2023

Vanadium Research and Development Project

By This information is provided by RNS for London Stock Exchange

Intermin Resources begins work on a processing pathway for its vanadium resource

By Tharun George for Proactive Investors

George Clooney Promotes Swiss Industry

By Daniel Hug for NZZamSonntag

Bushveld Minerals riding high on back of strengthening Vanadium prices

By Andrew Scott for Proactive Investors

China Vanadium Titano-Magnetite Mining Co Ltd (0893.HK): A Look at Recent Performance

King River Copper attracts investors ahead of key gold and vanadium news

By John Phillips for Proactive Investors

Congressional power comes to EPB for energizing new type of battery

By Dave Flessner for Times Free Press

Chinese group buys auctioned Mapochs mine

Vanadium Redox Battery Market to Grow at CAGR of 8.5 %: Global Analysis and Forecast 2017-2021

King River Copper to boost cash ahead of key vanadium news flow

All-Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries Sales Market Rising Trends, New Designs, Manufacturer Details, Forecasts to 2022

By Team ENA

HBIS Chengsteel Aerospace Class Vanadium Facility Won Certificate from A Key US Titanium Alloy Manufacturer

Intermin Resources Limited (ASX:IRC) Richmond Vanadium Project Update

Understanding vanadium leaching improves prospects for reuse of steel slag

By Josephine McSherry for Physics World

Blue Sky Makes Significant New Uranium-Vanadium Discovery at Amarillo Grande Project, Argentina

By Blue Sky Uranium Corp. Corporate Communications for Markey Watch

Global Vanadium Wrap: Chinese prices fall on operation restarts following enforced environmental closures

By Charlotte Radford for Metal Bulletin

Western Uranium Corporation Announces Letter of Intent to Purchase High Grade Vanadium Property

King River’s Tony Barton delivered vanadium potential at Proactive’s CEO Sessions

By John Phillips for Proactive Investors

Massive surge in vanadium prices have investors revisiting Barrambie

By InvestorIntel for Christopher Ecclestone

U3O8 Corp. Highlights Planned Production Profile for Vanadium from the Laguna Salada Deposit Based on a PEA

By U3O8 Corp for Newswire

Spearmint Resources Acquires NEBA Cu-Au Prospect in Golden Triangle Region

By Spearmint Resources for Spearmint Resources Inc.

Stina Resources Ltd. Announces Trading on the OTCQB

By Brian Stecyk for Baystreet

China rattles critical metals supply chains: Andy Home

By Andy Home for Daily Mail Co Uk

Mapochs Iron-Vanadium Mine to Hit the Auction Block

By Charlotte McLeod for Investing News

Technology Metals recovers high vanadium

GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: European ferro-vanadium traders stock up before consumers return; US sellers take profit

Largo Produces a Record 888 Tonnes of Vanadium Pentoxide in August, Being 11% Above Nameplate Capacity

Australian miners back ethical supply of minerals as illegal mining in Africa impacts gorilla habitat

This obscure metal used to fight Crusaders surged 67% in a month

Largo Ships 1,000 Lot of Vanadium Pentoxide, Hits 52-Week High

Australian Vanadium Ltd positions itself to offer multiple battery solutions

It’s Party Time for the Metals No One Knows About

Blue Sky Provides Exploration Update on Amarillo Grande Surficial Uranium-Vanadium Project, Argentina

Bear On Oil, And Bull On Vanadium

Chinese firm sanctioned by US over links to North Korea claims it sells garden products

Vanadium demand firms on anti-earthquake move

Colorado company wants to take advantage if this mineral’s price rises

Bushveld retires US$3mln prepayment financing for vanadium interests

Western Uranium Corporation Shareholder Update

King River Copper begins to reveal true potential of vanadium at Speewah

Surprising Vanadium Potential at Western Uranium Corp.

Bushveld Minerals Limited Bushveld Energy Operational Update

By Giles Arbor

New “Instantly Rechargeable” Battery Deals a Fatal Blow to Fossil Fuels

By Karla Lant for Futurism

Full suite of megawatt-scale energy storage solutions rolled out

By Karen Graham for Digital Journal

Highveld to pursue safeguard protection on heavy structural steel products

By Terence Creamer for Engineering News

GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: All eyes on China as spot FeV, V2O5 prices consolidate recent gains [CORRECTED]

By Charlotte Radford

Bushveld Minerals plans vanadium battery plant to meet soaring power storage demand

By Philip Whiterow for Proactive Investors UK

Bushveld Minerals provides operational update

Bushveld Minerals expects flat production from vanadium plant

Largo Resources Reports Q2 2017 Financial and Operating Results

Stirrings in the Nether Regions of the Metals Space – Vanadium, Tantalum and Tungsten

By Christopher Ecclestone for Investor Intel

Bushveld Minerals, partner to increase output at Vametco Alloys

By Creamer Media Reporter for Mining Weekly

Profits jump at Bushveld’s Vametco Alloy on rising vanadium prices

By Ikaba Koyi  for Sharecast

Let’s Get Bankable: Vionx Secures Insurance Product for Its Flow Batteries

By Julian Spector  for Greentech Media

As batteries make power play, South Africa mulls market participation

Bright future: Solar energy industry expects rapid growth, profits

By Mark Niu for America CGTN

Metal instability achieves energy-efficient nanotechnology

As Redflow Pivots to the Telecom Market, the Australian Flow-Battery Maker Raises More Cash

Australian Vanadium Ltd finalises placement to sophisticated investors

Backward battery delivers ions to cells

GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: Environmental inspections end lower prices in Europe, USA; China hold onto premium

Kazakhstan focuses on the global vanadium market

Finding a renewable storage solution

Australian Vanadium picks up historical vanadium deposit

Computing System Similar to the Human Brain

Solid-State Physics – Metal Bucks the Trend

Largo’s lenders cancel, defer funding provisos as vanadium price continues to rise

Prophecy secures third vanadium project in 2017

Energy storage ‘will wipe out battery storage’

NEXTracker Targets 15MW of Battery Solution Sales Per week

Redflow seeking $14.5m, shifts focus to lead-acid replacement market

By Sophie Vorrath on 14 July 2017 for Renew Economy

Will giant batteries lead to giant emissions cuts?

By Bobby Magill for Green Biz

Energy Storage Prices Forecast to Tumble

By  Andy Extance for Chemistry World

Battery storage: power of good can flow in SA

By Charlotte Mathews for Business Live

Storage sector cries out for stability and vision from new government

By David Pratt for Clean Energy News

Battery buyer beware, only a free flow of data will benefit the sector: Australian Vanadium boss

EPA Honors 2017 Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winner UniEnergy Technologies of Mukilteo, Washington

By Suzanne Skadowski for EPA

Vanadium Flow Battery To Be Installed in Hawaii

VOLT Energy Vanadium Strategy Underway in Central Asia

Vanadium Solves Renewable Energy’s Biggest Challenge

By Richard (Rick) Mills for Ahead of the Herd

Clean Technology Expert Praises Vanadium Flow Battery

BlackRock Metals announces $40 million equity financing

By BlackRock Metals Inc for News Wire

NEXTracker Pairs Solar Trackers With Flow Batteries, Rides India’s Booming PV Market

By Eric Wesoff for Greentech Media

Structural Supply Side Changes, Growing Demand Support Rising Vanadium Prices

By Henry Lazenby for Mining Weekly

Pu Neng Receives Major Investment from HPX for Scale-Up of its Advanced Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB®)

Vanadium-lithium hybrid systems would be ‘optimal’ for power and energy applications

By Andy Colthorpe for Energy Storage News

Scientists Make Vanadium Into a Useful Catalyst for Hydrogenation

Oz vanadium explorer expands investor base with Frankfurt listing

By Mariaan Webb for Creamer Engineering News

Vanadium: Supply-side Changes Driving Price Rises

Global Ion Exchange Membrane of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Market Analysis and Forecasted Outlook till 2022

The Race to Build a Better Battery for Storing Power

Vanadium batteries become option for solar panel owners looking for lithium-ion alternatives

By Kathryn Diss for ABC Net AU

Vanadium prices hit 4-year high on supply crunch

By Eileen Soreng and Sethuraman N R

Renewable Energy’s Problem and the Solution

By Richard (Rick) Mills for Clean Tech

Hierarchical Porous Intercalation-Type V2O3 as High-Performance Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

Australian Vanadium teams up with clean energy company

Sumitomo installs 125 kW redox flow battery in Taiwan

By Brian Publicover

Vanadium: The metal that may soon be powering your neighbourhood

SCHMID supplies energy storage for smart grid

Death of Uranium and Renaissance of Vanadium Batteries

Australian Vanadium to explore a residential battery offering

US’ ‘largest’ vanadium flow battery matched for size by Washington project

By Andy Colthorpe

Washington state’s new 8 megawatt-hour flow battery is the largest of its kind


SDG&E and SEI unveil largest vanadium redox flow battery in the U.S.

By  Michelle Froese

SDG&E Spurs Energy Storage Innovation With Flow Battery Technology

WA players set to battle Elon Musk for SA battery project

Largo announces qualification of its vanadium for use in production of titanium master alloys in the aerospace industry

The Most Beautiful Metal

Storing Wind Power in a Giant Vanadium Flow Battery

Smartphone overheating problem solved, vanadium nanobeams to the rescue

For This Metal, Electricity Flows, But Not the Heat

Flow Battery Developer to Build World’s Largest Battery Storage System

A Novel Liquid Battery Could Hold Potential For Unlimited Energy Storage

This Swiss Watch Maker Is Getting Into The Electric Car Business

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KAIST wins Chem-E-Car with vanadium redox flow battery

Carnegie Teams With Sumitomo For Grid-Scale Vanadium Flow Battery Storage

Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries: The Next Big Wave After Lithium Batteries

Vanadium-Flow Batteries – The Energy Storage Breakthrough We’ve Needed

Snohomish PUD in Washington to Install 2 MW, 8 MWh Flow Battery

Energy Storage Developer Targets Mining Operations

World-Class Vanadium Deposits

These giant batteries may save your power bill

Smart Grid: Combination of Vanadium Redox Flow and Lithium-Ion Battery

U.S. Navy Selects UET to Provide Energy Storage-Based Resiliency for Naval Base Ventura County

Vanadium vs. Lithium -6 Advantages of Vanadium Redox Batteries Over Lithium

Redox Flow Batteries Charge Forward

Through a glass, warmly: Nanomaterials can help make windows more efficient

Dan Haar: United Technologies Battery Could Upend The Power Business

New-vanadium-flow battery could have big impact

Beyond lithium: lesser-known vanadium batteries offer alternative path to energy storage revolution

Vanadium coated self cleaning windows

Evraz drops challenge as creditors accept Highveld mine rescue plan

Ontario Electric Company Signs 10 Year Vanadium Battery Contract

Redox flow batteries could be the answer to our energy storage needs

CNRC – Canadian raw materials supply chain for worldwide battery market

Vanadium – Driving power for electric cars

Energy Storage Industry Gaining Momentum

Vionx launches ‘groundbreaking’ utility-scale energy storage and completes US Army installation

Flow Battery Could Smooth Irregular Wind and Solar Energy Supply

UET Backs Up Energy Storage Challenge To Tesla With More Flow Battery Info

Flow Battery Vs. Tesla Battery Smackdown Looming

Gildemeister installs Vanadium Redox Battery at University of inventor Maria Skyllas Kazacos

Elon Musk And Tesla Have A Real Rival In The Energy Storage Race

China state-owned steelmaker plans closure as overcapacity bites

Vanadium flow battery close to ideal for high power storage

Imergy’s Vanadium Flow Battery Aims to Compete With Lithium and Lead-Acid at Grid Scale

By Julia Pyper  for Greentech Media

Maria Skyllas Kazacos, inventor of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery “VRB” “VRFB”

Move Over Lithium-Ion: Vanadium-Flow Batteries Gain Commercial Traction

By Andrew Burger for Triple Pundit

UniEnergy Brings Next-Gen Vanadium Flow Battery to Commercial Scale

Are Vanadium Flow Batteries The Solution To ‘Too Much’ Solar Power?

NREL To Test Cutting Edge Vanadium Flow Battery

Vanadium Flow Batteries Could Become a Cost Effective Solution for Balancing Texas’ Power Grid

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Sumitomo Electric 60 Megawatt Hour Vanadium Redox Battery for Hokkaido

Electric Vehicle Applications of Flow Batteries

Breakthrough – Generation III – Vanadium redox battery

Prudent Energy Announces Megawatt-Class Energy Storage Project

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