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Electrochem semi pilot in Boucherville, Montreal, Quebec

VanadiumCorp’s current mandate is to circumvent conventional piloting as it is not mandatory for commercial demonstration of VEPT. The Company is targeting a commercial demonstration test in an existing 20,000 tpa capacity digester/reactor within a global processing facility. The test would require a minimum of 20-30 tonnes of feedstock with a preference of vanadiferous titanomagnetite “magnetite” “VTM”.

VanadiumCorp is also in discussions with several companies interested in licensing options for VEPT in several global jurisdictions. The default strategy for licensing and deployment is to expand current capacity with the current VEPT semi pilot capacity of 300kg/month nameplate in Boucherville, Montreal at Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc.

Potential for VEPT Vanadium Electrolyte Processing Plant and Benefits of Quebec, Canada

  • Strong technology partner with experience in commercializing new technologies
  • Clean technology and mining friendly jurisdiction
  • Utilization of inexpensive and clean hydropower in Quebec, Canada
  • Government incentives such as grants and subsidies for clean energy technologies
  • Off the shelf equipment for VEPT
  • Modular Design of VEPT
  • Scalable to market or supply technology
  • Maximum recovery of three metals (V, Fe, Ti) from multiple single source feedstocks
  • Access to available feedstocks by many companies and sources
  • DSM (Direct Ship Magnetite) potential in Canada (Lac Dore Complex and Bell River Complex)
  • High grade vanadium bearing fly ash waste compatible with VEPT
  • Federal mandate to support innovation and commercialization of clean energy technologies
  • Partnerships with government and NGO’s
  • Strong community support for clean energy solutions and potential and related employment opportunities
  • Strong investment support from existing stakeholders and clean energy market
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