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Maximum Metal Recovery

Vanadium, Iron and Titanium produced sustainably with VEPT

Vanadium Electrochem Process Technology “VEPT” recovers over 95% of all three metals from titanomagnetite (The main global source of vanadium) vs. an average of 1% metal  recovery achieved by current primary vanadium producers. With unique recovery of iron and titanium values, VanadiumCorp and Electrochem plan to commercially demonstrate vanadium as net zero cost byproduct at 30 tonnes per feedstock batch nameplate capacity in 2018. The potential for commercial deployment would be highly beneficial for vanadium batteries as they are composed almost entirely of vanadium electrolyte currently derived from limited resources amenable to inefficient and polluting production methods. Most importantly, commercial demonstration in an existing facility would circumvent the requirement for a conventional pilot plants strategy with the objective of  industry validation, and significant reduction of risk, time and capital.

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