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In the Northern Quebec Raglan mining camp situated near the Glencore Raglan Mine, VanadiumCorp (Formerly Novawest Resource Inc.) owns significant royalties pertaining to nearby mineral claims now owned by Jien Canada Mining Ltd.

Back Story

2007 VanadiumCorp completes the sale of it’s 100% interest in its Raglan assets to Goldbrook Ventures Inc. (Now owned by Jien Canada Mining Ltd.) For cash, stock and a 1% Net Smelter Royalty on future production proceeds should any occur on any of the Raglan Interests. When Jien Canada Mining Ltd acquired Goldbrook and it’s expanded Raglan holdings, VanadiumCorp monetized it’s Goldbrook shareholding and retained the royalty on the acquired mining claims it owned in the Raglan NI-Cu-PGE Camp.

2008 Goldbrook Enters into Letter of Intent with Jilin Jien Nickel

2012 Subsidiary of Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. completes compulsory acquisition of Goldbrook and subsequent delisting of Goldbrook Ventures.

Interested parties in VanadiumCorp’s Raglan royalty holding may acquire further information under NDA. Royalty listing, current ownership, historical maps, regional geology and additional information are all listed below.

Current Owner Profile

Jilin Jien is a Hongqiling, China-based large-scale integrated non-ferrous metal enterprise with mining, processing, smelting, refining, and chemical production. Jilin Jien is one of the two largest nickel producers in China with over 50 years’ experience in the nickel industry and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Jilin Jien’s indirect, wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary, Canadian Royalties Inc., owns and operates the Nunavik Nickel Project Mine located in Nunavik, Quebec, Canada. Click here for more information…

Royalty Information

Historic Maps from 2003-2007

rag ni ragmap1

Information about the adjacent NI-PGM Glencore Raglan Mine – Quebec

The Raglan mine sits upon one of the world’s finest sulphide nickel deposits in the vast Ungava Peninsula. PDF version (204 kb)

Regional Information

The large Raglan property is located in Nunavik, northern Quebec, Canada and located approximately 95 km south of the Northern Village of Salluit, a regional community on the Arctic coast. The eastern end of the contiguous part of the property is about 17 km west of Kangiqsujuaq, another Inuit community on the Arctic coast, and extends 200 km west, and is up to 50 km wide in a north-south direction. There are several smaller outlying claim blocks on the east end, west end and south side of the large contiguous block. The total area of the 8863 individual mineral claims  is 360,720.89 hectares or approximately 891,329 acres.

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