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PacificOre dissidents remind board to file AGM notice


Mr. Adriaan Bakker, dissident shareholder, reports


The concerned shareholders of PacificOre Mining Corp. wish to remind the current board and management of various regulatory requirements. While the board has taken some liberties in its regulatory reporting, with the most obvious examples of failing to file the proxy materials from the last annual general meeting it called on SEDAR or failing to put out a news release for the appointment of new executive officers, concerned shareholders wish to ensure this does not occur with respect to setting the date for PacficOre’s AGM.

It is a requirement of the company to file a notice of meeting and the record date with the regulatory authorities and on SEDAR for the holding of its AGM within a certain period of time. In a company news release dated June 6, 2013, Christian Derosier announced his intention to hold the company’s AGM on Sept. 17, the last possible date as permitted by the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) resulting from the requisition of meeting by shareholders. The deadline for filing this notice is July 19, 2013, in order to have the AGM on Sept. 17.

Concerned shareholders felt it incumbent to remind current management and the board of its reporting requirements as they have taken some liberties in its regulatory filings as previously mentioned. Another of these liberties includes disseminating, but not filing on SEDAR or its website, a June 6 news release setting the AGM date. While management may wish to hide some of its statements in that news release made against the concerned shareholders, the dissidents wish to advise management that its news release on June 13, which was published to clarify the situation, was vindication enough for the concerned shareholders. However, current management may wish to further clarify the situation as it has come to the dissidents’ attention the claims forming the Game-Changer property have been allowed to lapse.

It has now been 133 days since the company first called its AGM for 2013, only to be cancelled, and 15 months since shareholders were last able to vote on who they wish to lead the company. Currently, only one director was elected and the only public statements from current management about the future is it is regrouping. At this point in time, concerned shareholders only wish to give shareholders their right to vote for the team they feel is best to lead PacificOre forward. Concerned shareholders wish to reassure shareholders that they will do what is necessary to affect the AGM if current management fails to do what it said and call the meeting.

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