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A Green Future with VanadiumCorp

“2020 marks a hallmark year for VanadiumCorp with a globally significant vanadium resource statement and the acquisition of all patent rights and intellectual property for our green recovery technology. We plan to harness the potential of our exceptional vanadium resources and technology into the fast emerging vanadium redox flow battery “VRFB” market. VRFB technology is 100% green when the contained vanadium is produced sustainably.“

Adriaan Bakker
Chief Executive Officer

Our Company

VanadiumCorp is developing world class technologies and mining assets ,with the best teams, all focused on lowering the cost and carbon footprint of energy by harnessing the green and re-useable potential of vanadium in vanadium redox flow batteries “VRFB”.

Our Values

We are committed to creating long-term relationships with the communities in which we operate as well as with our stakeholders, creating shared value for them and us, and operating with a focus on human rights. Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to operate ethically, transparently, and is implemented throughout the company, and is reflected in our governance and policies.

Our Mission

To develop our exceptional mineral resources and process technology to produce vanadium with all by-products (titanium, iron, and silica)

Our Vision

A world without pollution from metal production, energy storage, or renewable technologies. 

Company Overview

Capitalization  Structure – TSX- Venture “VRB”

Share Issued/Outstanding: 299,491,120
Market Capitalization: $26,286,345.00 CDN
Warrants: 778,036
Options: 24,400,000
Cash Position: $ 347,404.00 CDN
As of financials filed  September  29, 2020

Stock Exchange Listings

TSX Venture – Ticker Symbol: “VRB”
OTC Markets – Ticker Symbol: ‘APAFF”
Frankfurt Exchange – Ticker Symbol “NWN”

Major Shareholders

Roger Shook – 12.35%
Management —  3.5%

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

TSX Share Performance

Investment Proposition – Circumventing the Metallurgical Market

Vanadium Resources – Battery Materials
Primary vanadium hosted in massive magnetite in Quebec, Canada for the long term.
Vision to build an all-electric magnetite mine with local transformation of V, Ti, and Fe.

Processing Technology –  Green Recovery
Eco-friendly alternative to recover vanadium with all by-products.
Vertical integration goal to reducing the cost and carbon footprint of vanadium batteries.

Energy Storage – Infinite Re-use in Energy Storage
Global alliances to facilitate increased use of vanadium in VRFBs.
Vision to become a lead supplier of advanced materials to fuel the emerging VRFB market.

Corporate Overview
Corporate Presentation
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