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The patent-pending VanadiumCorp-Electrochem Process Technology “VEPT” recovers maximum value of all contained metals from single source feedstocks and wastes while integrating it with Electrochem’s patented Electrowinning technology aimed to replace conventional iron and steelmaking utilizing half the conventional energy and featuring a negligible carbon footprint. These feedstocks include, vanadiferous titanomagnetite “VTM” “magnetite”, hematite, ilmenite, slags and oil industry fly ash waste.

Back Story: In 2016, after a decade of vanadium resource development in Quebec, Canada, VanadiumCorp chose to explore innovative new approaches for processing to address the largest industry challenges and the global shortage of battery grade vanadium. VanadiumCorp partnered with Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc. and developed a chemical process method applicable for vanadium, iron and titanium. Conventional steel and vanadium production methods have not changed in over 60 years. They are low yield, inefficient and damaging to the environment – emitting over two tons of carbon for every ton of product. Francois Cardarelli, President and Owner of Electrochem invented VEPT in joint partnership with VanadiumCorp that has the potential to revolutionize energy storage, steel making, vanadium applications, iron production, titanium industries and more. For energy storage this represents a green and efficient alternative to current polluting and inefficient methods of smelting and roasting and distinct advantage of direct recovery of vanadium into solution for infinite utilization by vanadium redox flow batteries. “VRFB”

Intellectual Property: 50/50 Ownership with Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc. of US Provisional Patent Applications US 62/463,411 and US 62/582,060 and International Patent Application PCT CA2018/050196 entitled “METALLURGICAL AND CHEMICAL PROCESSES FOR RECOVERING VANADIUM AND IRON VALUES FROM VANADIFEROUS TITANOMAGNETITE AND VANADIFEROUS FEEDSTOCKS” For more information regarding Electrochem’s Electrowinning Globally Patented Technology click here…

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