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A Globally Significant Vanadium, Resource in Québec, Canada

Our Lac Doré is one of the world’s premier undeveloped vanadium resources hosted in high grade iron & titanium. Conveniently located and accessible just 27 kilometres from the mining the city of Chibougamau in the geopolitically stable, safe and mining friendly jurisdiction of Québec, Canada. Lac Dore represents strategic vanadium battery supply for North America and is one of very few vanadium resources capable of meeting the requirements of quality for vanadium-based energy storage.

What Sets Us Apart


One of the Highest

Significant amount of resource grading 1.4% Vanadium Pentoxide in magnetite concentrate.


One of the Largest

2,970,000,000 lbs Vanadium Pentoxide
21.8 Million Tonnes Titanium Dioxide
82.7 Million Tonnes Iron


Exceptional Quality

Low impurities such as silica and low oxidation enable higher yield magnetite concentrates

World Class VTM Resource

View the maiden resource statement news release here.

Mineral Resource Statement at Lac Doré in In-Situ Mineralization


CategoryMineralized material (Mt)V2O5 grade (%)Fe grade (%)TiO2 grade (%)Magnetite (%)V2O5 (tonnes)Fe (Mt)TiO2 (Mt)V2O5 contained
(million lbs)
Measured (M)23.980.533.79.934.51280008.12.4280

Mineral Resource Statement at Lac Doré in Magnetite Concentrate


CategoryMagnetite conc. (Mt)V2O5 grade in conc. (%)Fe grade in conc. (%)TiO2 grade in conc. (%)V2O5 in conc. (tonnes)Fe in conc. (Mt)TiO2 in conc. (Mt)V2O5 contained in conc. (million lbs)

Lac Doré Project Highlights

LocationChibougamau, Quebec, Canada
CommodityVanadium for Energy Storage
In-situ mineralization resource size301,840,000 tonnes containing 2,970,000,000 pounds of vanadium pentoxide
Magnetite concentrate resource size75,370,000 tonnes containing 2,100,000,000 pounds of vanadium pentoxide
Access27 km from mining city of Chibougamau, at surface mineralization
MetallurgyFavorable: Exceptionally low impurities facilitate high recovery of vanadium
OrientationHigh grade stratigraphic units crop at surface and additional units extend at depth and along strike
Regional SupportMining friendly local communities and Cree First Nations, in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory of Quebec, Canada
Proximity to similar resourcesAdjacent to mine permitted Blackrock Metals $1B+ Project
Property SizeOver 45 square km
InfrastructureNearby road, rail, 161Kv power, workforce, water and airport
Ground and airborne geophysicsConfirms largest VTM footprint in the region
"Made in Canada" objectiveLocal transformation of all value add products in Chibougamau Quebec creating a new green economy
Sustainable development visionGreen mine, Green Recovery Process for Green Batteries
Forward looking statementCorporate governance section of VanadiumCorp's website
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